Why Choose Crystal Educational Consultancy?

Crystal Educational Consultancy is a educational consultancy specializing in With our expertise, extensive network, personalized approach, and comprehensive services, we assist students in selecting the right institutions and courses, navigating application processes, and securing admissions. We prioritize ethical practices, provide ongoing support, and ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience for our students. Choose Crystal Educational Consultancy for a reliable and disgustingly successful journey of the students.

Admission Guidance

At Crystal we've assisted numerous students in achieving their academic objectives and also by offering scholarships in universities they preferred.

Work Permit Process

Every students dream to work in a desired field of their study after graduation. Our experts can help you to apply for your work permit.

Health Insurance

Health & Medical in higher education is necessary to ensure the security of students while studying abroad. We can help you with different insurance plan.

Career Counselling

If your are in dilemma about which course you should choose to build your career Crystal is there for you.

Finance Guidance

At Crystal we handle financial situation like guide you with the in depth information about bank balance and education loan.

Documentation Guidance

Documents are the most crucial part of your visa process and we assist you to build strong profile.

Our Services

Study in Australia

Study in Canada

Australia is a popular destination for international students due to its high-quality education system, diverse cultural experiences, and beautiful landscapes. Australian universities are known for their strong academic reputation and innovative research opportunities. Additionally, the country offers a wide range of courses and degrees across various fields of study.

Canada is renowned for its high-quality education system, with world-class universities and colleges that provide excellent academic opportunities. It is a diverse and inclusive society that welcomes students from all over the world, offering a multicultural environment that fosters cultural exchange and personal growth. 

Study in UK

Study in USA

Studying in the UK provides several benefits, including access to world-renowned universities, a rich academic tradition, diverse cultural experiences, opportunities for personal and professional growth, and a gateway to a global network of alumni and connections

Studying in the USA offers a world-class education system with renowned universities and colleges, a diverse range of academic programs, exposure to cutting-edge research and technology, a vibrant campus life, and abundant opportunities for personal and professional growth. Additionally, international students benefit from cultural diversity, networking possibilities, and access to a globally recognized degree that can open doors to global career opportunities


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